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Welcome to our Premium VIP Club

At Planet Ballroom we are always improving our service to you in providing top quality Dance Instruction. Our VIP Club is the latest addition to the Studio

As a VIP Member you are will receive:

. Membership of the Redlands Dance and Music Performance Association (RDAMPA)*
. Discount for dual classes (Beginner and Intermediate - Tues/Thurs Street Latin and Wed Ballroom ONLY) - only pay for the first class ($15.00 for BOTH classes)
. Every FOUR (4) months (May, June, September each year) a FREE 30 minute with Kylie, David or Andrew (only applies with continued attendance to any of Planet Ballroom's lessons or classes)
. Once during the months of either May, June or September, a FIVE DOLLAR ($5.00) discount to use for either the Monday Old Time, Monday Adance or Tuesday New Vogue classes (this discount is to be used for ONE class only)
. Access to THE PREMIUM VIP LOUNGE on the Planet Ballroom website

* Redlands Dance and Music Performance Association (RDAMPA)is a not-for-profit Association and will be providing Master Dance Courses, Social Dance events and other activities at little or no costs to its members

A yearly fee of TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS ($25.00) will give you access to our VIP Lounge which includes:

. Routines for Beginner and Intermediate dances (printable)
. Instructional videos on Steps and Routines
. Instructional videos on Styling
. Instructional videos on Technical aspects of Dancing for you to practice
. Tips and suggestions to make your Dancing easier
. List of upcoming Lectures and Workshops that you will be able to attend

On behalf of all of us here at Planet Ballroom, we hope you will consider joining the Premium VIP Club and we look forward to providing that something special while you learn how to Dance.

Thank you again,
Kylie Wall
Owner, Planet Ballroom

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